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Student Illness

When a student complains of being sick we generally have them lie down for a time in the Health Room. If they show clear symptoms (ie: vomiting) or a period of rest does not improve the situation, we try to contact the parents to pick up their child. If parents cannot be reached, the contact person identified for emergencies is asked to come and take the child home. When the illness or accident is serious enough and parents cannot be contacted, an ambulance is called to take the child to the hospital.

In all cases of suspected communicable diseases, we ask that you phone the school and immediately consult your family doctor before allowing your child to return to school.

Administration of Medication Procedure

If medication must be given during school hours, please request one of two forms from the school office. One form gives permission for the medication to be self-administered by the child. A second form authorizes school personnel to administer the medication. Medication cannot be administered without the appropriately signed forms.  There is also a separate form to authorize school staff to administer an Epi Pen Auto Injector.

*Please note that all forms require the signature of a parent and the supervising physician. If you suspect that your child may be placed on medication, you may wish to obtain a form before you take your child to the doctor. We are not allowed to administer any medication (even over the counter medication) without these forms.

Communicable Diseases and Conditions

The following regulations are issued by the Ottawa-Carleton Health Department.

Pupils who have contracted communicable diseases may be readmitted to the school after the following exclusion time:

Chicken pox

Exclude until well enough to participate in regular activities.

Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)

Purulent Conjunctivitis - Pink or red conjunctiva (the white of the eye) with white or yellow discharge (pus). Exclude until seen by physician and on antibiotic drops or ointment for 24 hours if diagnosed to be bacterial or possibly bacterial.

Non-Purulent Conjunctivitis - Pink conjunctiva (the white of the eye) with a clear, watery eye discharge often accompanied by a cold. No need to exclude, but encourage frequent hand washing.

German Measles (Rubella)

Exclude for 7 days after onset of the rash.


Exclude until sores are completely scabbed over or for at least 24 hours following initiation of either: oral antibiotic or topical therapy with fusidic acid 2% or mupirocin (Bactroban) if there are only a few small lesions. Medical Certificate required for re-entry to school.


Exclude for 9 days from the onset of swelling, unless the illness is very mild.

Pertussis (Whooping Cough)

Exclude until 5 days after beginning of antibiotic treatment, or, until 3 weeks have passed since onset of illness.

Ring Worm

If scalp lesions, exclude until treatment has been initiated. No need to exclude for body or foot lesions. For scalp lesions, a Medical Certificate indicating date that child/student may re-enter is required for re-entry.


See German Measles.


Exclude until after treatment has been completed by student and all household contacts. Medical Certificate indicating date that child/student may re-enter school is required for re-entry.

Streptococcal Infection (Strep Throat/Scarlet Fever)

Exclude until 24 hours after treatment begun. Child must be well enough to participate in activities before returning. For Strep throat only, a Medical Certificate indicating date that child/student may re-enter school is required for re-entry.

Immunization Program

The Immunization Nurse is responsible for reviewing and keeping surveillance on the immunization status of pupils. It is the law in Ontario that pupils under the age of eighteen must be immunized against specified diseases unless they have been exempted for conscience, religious or medical reasons. Otherwise, the Medical Officer of Health has the right to suspend a student from school. Should your child have had a recent immunization, please contact the Immunization Nurse at 613-724-4108.

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